Level I Yoga Teacher Training Course (RYT 200) in January 2014

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$ …  $1200
Январь 24, 2014 - Февраль 21, 2014 (30 full days)
Yoga Teacher Training Course, Level I
This is a yoga teacher training program featuring extremely popular yoga teachers of Rishikesh, the world's capital of yoga. The course lasts one full month and is built upon an advanced training program that includes in-depth insight into Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, and comprehensive original Theory of Teaching Yoga.
Программа мероприятия

Внеклассные мероприятия

Сплав на рафте по порогам Ганги
Треккинг вокруг Ришикеша
Волонтёрская работа
Посещения храмов и мест сил Гарвальских Гималаев
Visits to the greatest ashrams of Rishikesh
Вечера индийской классической музыки
Огненные церемонии (хаван)
Церемонии Ганга Аарти
Церемонии пуджа


Comment on location

This yoga teacher training program will take place in the oldest ashram of Rishikesh and one of the oldest ashrams of Northern India.
You will be staying in one of the many rooms provided by Swargashram. Some of them are double rooms where you're supposed to reside with a neighbor.
Погодные условия: 

Weather in January-February 2014 is expected to be mildly fresh hanging around 18ºC in the middle of the day and getting down to 12ºC evening time. Take a light jacket, a pair of socks, sneakers, etc.

Питание и кухня

Варианты питания: 
Трёхразовое питание
All food is freshly cooked in a dedicated equipped kitchen by two most prominent cooks of Rishikesh, Brajmohan Raturi ji and Raj Kumar ji. Come and check for yourself!


Стандартная стоимость: 
$ 1200
В стоимость включены: 
Minimum 200 hours of extraordinary classes with the best yoga teachers of Rishikesh
Semi-double room shared with a friend in a luxurious complex Akash Ganga overlooking the great Mother Ganga
Three meals per day, unlimited servings, only vegetarian food cooked with organic products
Numerous extracurricular events including but not limited to music concerts, white water rafting, trekking/hiking, acro-yoga
Books and manuals in Yogic Anatomy, Yogic Philosophy, Teaching Theory
Level I Yoga Teacher certification under the Yoga Alliance RYT 200 designation
В стоимость не входит: 
Flight/train/bus/taxi cost
Visa fees
Medical charges, insurance
Services not mentioned in the program description
Дополнительные платные услуги: 
Няня для ребёнка
Дополнительные бесплатные услуги: 
Бронирование билетов
Бесплатный Wi-Fi (беспроводный интернет)
Бесплатные учебники
Бесплатная эко-сумка
Бесплатная футболка
Бесплатный нети-пот
Бесплатная языкочистка

Get 10% off if you are coming with a friend plus additional 3% off for every other friend you bring with you. Get additional 5% off if you're a repeating student.


You'll enjoy full 30 days of practicing under the most experienced yoga teachers of Rishikesh whose name makes up the reputation of the world's capital of yoga
In an absolutely academic athmosphere, you'll get deep mystical experiences of ancient yogic wisdom being guided by true Himalayan masters
You'll be staying in an ancient ashram area yet in a modern guest house with all the concveniences of contemporary world – hot shower 24/7, separate spacious bedroom, well-furnished living room, a balcony with an incredible view of Ganga, a kitchen even!
You'll be consuming only pure organic food lovingly prepared by two grand chefs who are also Brahmins and absolutely pure souls
You'll discover true Yoga in a way you never thought it is – the super-contemporary system of physical and mental training, the path of harmonizing your inner self with the outter world, the philosophy of well-being and joyfull living

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Отзывы выпускников

Hari Om..... Привет Вам с Камчатки.... Вот наконец я немного разобрала завал дел, которые накопились, пока я получала знания в РИШИКЕШЕ. Хочу выразить свою признательность и безмерную благодарность ВАМ, как организаторам...Вы просто УМНИЧКИ... Очень скучаю и хочу еще в Ришикеш... Надеюсь  Вас увидеть на Камчатке... Обнимаю Вас!

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