Anastasia Valiachmetova about Level I Yoga Teacher Training Course with Certification (240 hours) in November and December 2015 (2016-10-24 00:23)

This is a great place helped me to become a yoga teacher! I think this is the best place from which you can start becoming a good yoga teacher. Because the Academy offers you different teachers and different directions. Gathered in one place at once the best teachers in Rishikesh. I like that every minute we used for study and time was used efficiently. I liked the tests and examinations that the reminded me my student's time and helped to deepen knowledge. I liked the care that the staff showed us! I was delighted with the food and a wide variety of dishes. I found a lot of friends in this place! I love this place and will always advise it to my friends!

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Hari Om..... Привет Вам с Камчатки.... Вот наконец я немного разобрала завал дел, которые накопились, пока я получала знания в РИШИКЕШЕ. Хочу выразить свою признательность и безмерную благодарность ВАМ, как организаторам...Вы просто УМНИЧКИ... Очень скучаю и хочу еще в Ришикеш... Надеюсь  Вас увидеть на Камчатке... Обнимаю Вас!

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