28-days Advanced-Intermediate Yoga Intensive for all levels in April 2017

Группа № 28-i28
$927 …  $1280
Апрель 3, 2017 - Апрель 30, 2017 (4 weeks)
Suitable for yoga practitioners whose experience ranges from "beginner-intermediate" to " intermediate" to so called "advanced" level. In other words, this program could accommodate beginning yogis as well as those thinking they're a smidge away from perfection and enlightenment. In this journey newbies will grow high above their amateur level and all-knowing yoga wizards will understand that there's nothing to shout about anymore. You'll find everything you wanted to master: various prototypical systems of asana practice taught by three or four different expert asana teachers, theoretical biomechanics and kinesiology behind asana practice, applied anatomy that includes traditional and modern theories which explain mystical effects of ancient and modern tantric yoga practices, fundamentals of pranayama – the heart of yogic science – with lots of practice under a real "guru" of pranayama, philosophical discourses that touch your mind and heart and invoke true explorer in you, and a wealth of higher yoga practices that unleash the essence of your existence and, potentially, the very meaning of life, the Universe and everything. Let the yoga magic change you for good. (Yes, this is a highly ambitious claim; Yes, we mean it.)
Программа мероприятия

Внеклассные мероприятия

Сплав на рафте по порогам Ганги
Треккинг вокруг Ришикеша
Волонтёрская работа
Посещения храмов и мест сил Гарвальских Гималаев
Visits to the greatest ashrams of Rishikesh
Вечера индийской классической музыки
Церемонии пуджа


You'll be sharing a standard room at Kriya Yog Ashram with a roommate. The rooms are very large and clean. Each room has a private bathroom. Hot water is available 24/7. In each room there's a curtain that separates spaces. This might sound ridiculous, yet that's a bit of luxury you won't find anywhere else!

Питание и кухня

Варианты питания: 
Трёхразовое питание


Стандартная стоимость: 
$ 1280
Комментарий к стоимости: 
The minimum course fee does not include accomodation and food. This option is pretty time-consuming (since you reside outside the ashram) and we do not recommend it because the course schedule is really busy. Moreover we offer delicious and varied vegetarian meals to cater everyone's taste, a truly rare combination for an Indian province.
Дополнительные платные услуги: 
Дополнительные бесплатные услуги: 
Бесплатные учебники
Бесплатная футболка
Бесплатный нети-пот

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Отзывы выпускников

Великолепное место для глубокого погружения в йогу с опытными учителями, среди друзей-единомышленников в индийской культуре. К концу курса у вас будет понмание постановки асан, секретов пранаямы, философии йоги и методологии преподавания йоги. Большой плюс для русскоязычных йогов – все классы переводятся на русский. Очень советую Академию!

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