Yoga Teacher Training Course (240 hours, RYT 200 Yoga Alliance Certificate) in February-March 2015

Группа № 171
Февраль 18, 2015 - Март 24, 2015 (5 weeks)
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This is a full 5-week yoga teacher training & certification program that includes 13 subjects taught by 11 teachers 6 days a week. The course will take place in the heart of the world's capital of yoga – in Rishikesh, India – right on the banks of the holy Ganga in foothills of the ancient Himalayas. The aim of this course is to develop solid skills of teaching yoga. To perfectly master the skill of teaching yoga, one needs firm theoretical and experiential background in a variety of techniques, methods, systems, etc. This is where our experienced, god-gifted teachers step in. All our teachers represent major Himalayan traditions of yoga, most of them hold Master's degree in yoga. Our theoretical / experiential classes will cover all major fields of yogic knowledge – shatkarma, asana, pranayama, meditation (mental concentration and mental dissolution) – that would serve as cognitive platform for further developing yoga teacher's skills. As our student, you'll be guided through immense field of knowledge covering all aspects of teaching yoga as a whole. You'll solidify your skills by practicing everything you've been taught individually, in a small group and with the entire group.
Программа мероприятия

Внеклассные мероприятия

Сплав на рафте по порогам Ганги
Треккинг вокруг Ришикеша
Благотворительная работа
Волонтёрская работа
Посещения храмов и мест сил Гарвальских Гималаев
Visits to the greatest ashrams of Rishikesh
Вечера индийской классической музыки
Огненные церемонии (хаван)
Церемонии Ганга Аарти
Церемонии пуджа
Участие в традиционном праздновании Навратри


Accommodation at Kriya Yoga Ashram is included in the course cost. Choice of double and triple rooms will be provided.

Питание и кухня

Варианты питания: 
Трёхразовое питание
Included in the course fee is three healthy and tasty vegetarian meals a day, no eggs.
Event features
We require students coming to our school to have at least one year experience in yoga, where yoga has been a regular practice for one year.


Стандартная стоимость: 
$ 1560
В стоимость включены: 
All classes
Three healthy vegetarian meals a day (7 days a week)
Shared accommodation
Yoga Alliance® RYT 200 Certification (up on passing the final exam)
Extracurricular activities (tours, excursions, concerts, satsangs, movies, rafting, etc.)
Full assistance in medical institutions
В стоимость не входит: 
Traveling to Rishikesh
Medical services (do not cost much in India)
Дополнительные платные услуги: 
Дополнительные бесплатные услуги: 
Бронирование билетов
Бесплатный Wi-Fi (беспроводный интернет)
Бесплатные учебники
Бесплатная эко-сумка
Бесплатная футболка
Бесплатный нети-пот
Бесплатная языкочистка
Additional prices


You learn yoga from the very best teachers of yoga in the world's capital of yoga: Surinder Singh, Ashish Sharma, Pandey Ji, Yogannda Baba, Prem Adey and many other
The course is deeply systematized and structured, methodology of Yoga is explained holistically, e.g. you get to understand the art and science of Yoga as a whole for the first time in your life!
You undergo extensive teaching practicum where you actually acquire solid skills od teaching yoga to various audiences
You get full post-graduate support: textbook updates, new publishings, individual Q&A with all teachers, employment support and much more – for good!

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Отзывы выпускников

Даааа… Что тут скажешь… Просто прекраснейшие преподаватели, замечательные организаторы, удивительное местечко Ришикеш!!! Я в восторге от поездки! Впечатления останутся ещё надолго в моей памяти! Благодарю Вселенную за то, что направила меня туда!.

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