Advanced Level II Teacher Training & Certification Course (300 hours, 2016-17)

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Level II Yoga Teacher Training
Certificate type: 
Certificate of Completion, 300 hours (qualifies for registration with Yoga Alliance International and Yoga Alliances USA under RYT 500 designation)
Yoga Alliance RYT 500
Full program description: 

Course Highlights

  • Structural Alignment Workshops
  • Asana Bio-Mechanics
  • Adjustment Clinics & Verbal Cues Tutorials -In depth Prop Modification Course
  • Yoga Therapy: including Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra -Advanced Pranayama Techniques and Sequencing -Applied Anatomy & Free Posture Observation
  • Miofascial Integration Theory & Application
  • Extensive Teaching Practicum Including -Creating & Marketing Workshops -Self-Branding & Promotion

Level II, 300 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course, will take instructors deeper into the foundation of the Yoga System. With a deep analysis of Asana Biomechanics, Himalayan Yoga Academy’s teacher training courses create the space for a complete understanding of the actions and applications of Asana in practical and therapeutic spheres of practice and teaching. In applying this understanding our advanced course will include in depth Adjustment Clinics, Verbal Cues Tutorials, Structural Alignment Workshops, Intuitive Flow Sequencing, Modification and Variations Clinics, Free Posture Observations, Applied Yoga Anatomy, and Teaching Methodology Seminars. Alongside this in depth understanding of Asana our advanced level course will introduce many specialized branches of yoga including: Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga, Exploration of the Bandhas and Advanced Pranayama Techniques. This advanced level course will have the intention of giving Yoga instructors the skills and tools to become more experienced and successful teachers. This program has an extensive Teaching Practicum portion including Sequencing building for specific employment scenarios, development and marketing of Workshops for specific situations and groups, and the ability to teach more holistic Yoga classes implementing the Yoga Therapeutic Techniques taught throughout this course. Seminars will also be held in teaching how to apply these specialized techniques into private sessions, along with how to personally brand you as a Yoga Instructor.

Program duration: 
6 weeks

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Reviews by graduates

I've been there. It was an amazing experience.

It is difficult to find a good place to learn yoga. You know it's only a month and a half, and it is a lot of knowledge. But this school is a truely good one.

A big Russian influence make a really good and organized teaching programm (you don"t find this everywhere in India! ^^).

Class are very clear (even for those who don't have a very good english ;-)). Planning is intense but the time is nicely use.

Teachers there are passionate and make you love yoga more than when you start ( I didn't thought that was possible :-)) But not only.

You can't change a lot in that time (even with a strong mind) but after this course you have a knew comprehension about Yoga, about you, about the life around you...

At the end you are really proud of what you did and very happy<>/em to have this knew knowledge in your life. It is hard to find the right words.

And you will meet people from all parts of the world loving Yoga, India, and travel like you! A lot of good vibes from all people I met there.

Have a nice trip :-)!

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April 3, 2017 - April 16, 2017
in Kriya Yoga Ashram (Rishikesh, India)

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