Расширенный курс подготовки преподавателей йоги (240 часов, 5 полных недель, международная сертификация и регистрация) в феврале-марте 2016

Class # 27
February 15, 2016 - March 20, 2016 (35 дней / 5 недель)
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Этот курс является наиболее полной программой подготовки квалифицированных преподавателей йоги начального уровня. Программа курса охватывает все направления обучения, необходимые для подготовки и впечатляющего старта карьеры граммотного учителя йоги. Курс является одновременно учебным и аттестационным. Это означает, что студенты, будущие преподаватели, обучаются техникам и методикам по всем необходимым направлениям у индийских мастеров, "из первых рук", а также проходят международную квалификационную аттестацию по преподаванию йоги. С Вами будут работать не менее восьми опытных штатных преподавателей, а также приглашённые учителя, представляющие разнообразные школы йоги из разных уголков мира. Обучение проводится в традиционном ашраме. Все занятия курса переводятся на русский язык. Подробно читайте ниже.
Event program

Extracurricular activities

White-water rafting on Ganga
Trekking around Rishikesh
Charitable work
Volunteer work
Visits to temples and shrines of the Garhwal Himalayas
Visits to the greatest ashrams of Rishikesh
Indian Classical Music nights
Fire ceremonies (Hawan)
Ganga Aarti ceremonies
Pooja ceremonies


Вы будете размещаться в ашраме в двух- и трёхместных номерах со всеми удобствами.

Food & Catering

Catering Options: 
Three meals a day


Regular cost: 
$ 1710
Free extras: 
Ticket booking
Free Wi-Fi
Free textbooks
Free T-shirt
Free neti pot
Free tongue scraper

Минус 5% для пар.

Additional prices

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Reviews by graduates

My experience with Himalayan Yoga Academy definitely changed me.

The 12 teachers from different nationalities, ages and backgrounds, following different Yoga perspectives helped me to open my horizon and change my own interpretation of Yoga.

All the classes were interesting and covered a lot of subjects, focused in giving you the basic tools to start teaching yoga. You learn about asana alignment, body anatomy, philosophy, pranayama, teaching methodology, meditation, yoganidra, shatkarmas, etc.

Classes are intense, start at 6AM and finish at 6/7PM with breaks for meals. You'll probably sweat and feel pain in muscles you didn’t knew you had, gaining strength through the course, flexibility and a better understanding of your body mechanics. You can still manage to get to know the mystical Rishikesh, her temples and shrines, food and clothing tents, see the sunset in a beautiful Ganges beach, drink some awesome fruit juices, meet interesting people from all over the world and get back to the ashram before the gate close at 10PM.

Teaching classes to your colleagues is part of the program and was my biggest challenge. Got my tongue-tied a lot of times, mixed words, but after 5 weeks I realize a big evolution and understood better that teaching Yoga is a never-stop-learning life. Made some good friends that I’m sure they will be forever.

The Ashram is a typical Indian building with a big dome and an awesome view over Tapovan. The shared rooms had bathroom and having a toilet was a good surprise. The food was good and from different countries, the staff very friendly but sometimes I ate out of the Ashram to eat some eggs, cheese and try different local things.

I feel very grateful for having the opportunity to learn in the holy city of Rishikesh bathed by the Ganges in a traditional Yoga Ashram. The HYA teachers, my colleagues and the rest of the crew made the difference.

I recommend it to any friend or anyone who is already a practitioner, wants to deepen his knowledge and gain teaching skills.

Hari OM

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