Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course in November–December 2013

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November 25, 2013 - December 29, 2013 (35 days)
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On this course, the theoretical part will not be purely theoretical, it will be interactive and practice based. Therefore we will call it "understanding" part. There will be three main topics we will need to understand:

1. Philosophy of yoga as it was laid down in the main sources of Classical yoga, and how it relates to today's practice in yoga studios. What we can do to make our yoga practice more of a "yoga" and less of a "workout" without dramatically diminishing the physical aspect of the practice. How aspects of attention and will relate to original goals of yoga.

2. How understanding of mechanics and anatomy of our physical body will help us to reach the goals of yoga more safely and effectively. How anatomy, physiology and biomechanics can explain work on physical, energy and mental level.

3. Teaching yoga in a meaningful way. This means in a way, adapted for specific group under specific conditions of location, time, climate, etc. This means you will not get one sequence that you will teach to everyone at all times. You will get understanding of how to build your own sequences that would be effective and meaningful both to you and to students in your class. You will learn to teach directly, trying to impart the true understanding of yoga and at the same time dancing from condition of the person in front of you.

Along with that, you will know the basics of ayurveda, yogic lifestyle, yogic/tantric understanding of prana, nadis, chakras and other yogic terminology.

The "doing part" of the course will include practice of asanas in 2 regimes: static with long holds and detailed alignment, and dynamic, in the flow, with bandhas, pranayamas (both classic and the ones you have never known about), kriyas, meditation and concentration practices. Two different teachers, each expert in his own style, will give you broad outlook at the topic of yoga practice and opportunity to figure out what elements work better and why. Along with that you will have dedicated pranayama classes, meditations, shatkarma classes and teaching practice.

Take some warm clothing like jeans and pullover, as Rishikesh might get cool at nights in November.

This yoga teacher training course will be led by our main teachers and will cover all aspects of yoga necessary to create a wholesome understanding of yoga goals and methods, and to teach science of yoga to other students.
Event program

Extracurricular activities

White-water rafting on Ganga
Trekking around Rishikesh
Charitable work
Volunteer work
Visits to temples and shrines of the Garhwal Himalayas
Visits to the greatest ashrams of Rishikesh
Indian Classical Music nights
Fire ceremonies (Hawan)
Ganga Aarti ceremonies
Pooja ceremonies


You are provided choice of double or triple rooms at Kriya Yoga Ashram. All rooms at the ashram are neat, clean, nice-looking, well-lit and well-ventilated.

Food & Catering

Catering Options: 
Three meals a day
Event features
If you have doubts about your eligibility (experience in yoga, health issues, etc.), contact us for clarification. Please inform us of any diseases and medications that you take.


Regular cost: 
$ 1560
Cost includes: 
Accommodation in Swarg Ashram (Ram Jhula), the oldest ashram of Rishikesh, India
Full catering including three unlimited meals a day
Visits to ancient temples and ashrams in and around Rishikesh
Music concerts featuring sitar, table, pakhawaj, bansuri and other native instruments performed by the great artists of Northern India
All announced activities including but not limited to white water rafting on Ganga (if weather permits), trekking to the ancient Neelkanth Mahadev temple, a ride to the ancient Kunjapuri temple, sessions with outstanding yogis of Rishikesh, movie nights, etc.
Textbooks and access to extensive library throughout the day
Your individual yoga kit: a T-shirt, an organic bag, a neti-pot, a tongue scraper, a sutra, a notepad and a pen.
Tons of fun and heaps of experience
Cost excludes: 
Flight cost
Visa cost
Trasportation to Rishikesh (contact us for the lowest rates in entire India)
Babysitting (contact us for a quote)
Paid extras: 
Taxi service
Free extras: 
Ticket booking
Free Wi-Fi
Free textbooks
Free organic bag
Free T-shirt
Free neti pot
Free tongue scraper

10% off for the first referral, additional 3% off for every next referral. 3% off to attendees of any previous event by the Himalayan Yoga Academy.

Additional prices


You'll be learning the holistic science of yoga from 10+ super-professional yoga teachers of the world's capital of yoga ()
You'll be staying in the oldest ashram of North India soaking the sacred spirit and the ancient wisdom of the Yogic Himalayas
We'll cater only fresh food, carefully prepared by professional cooks who are also yogis and brahmins. Our menu is the most versatile among Indian yoga schools.
You'll get your own textbooks that are rare to find and insightful
You'll cover almost every aspect of the art and science of Yoga with experienced yoga teachers each holding intiation in their own tradition
Our curriculum is astonishing, yet the 5-weeks program is effective.
For the first time in your life, you will comprehend Yoga as the most rational science, the most effective method of training the consciousness and the body, the simpliest path to harmony in life and relationships, and the most avanced explanation of how everything works – from the tiniest atoms to the Universe itself. Don't miss the chance!

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