Agreement of Participation

Privacy Policy

The Himalayan Yoga Academy (hereinafter referred to as Academy) ensures the prevention of leakage of confidential information about the candidates and participants (hereinafter – Candidate and Participant) registered in the courses of the Academy. The Academy will not disclose information about the Candidates or third parties without the consent of the holder of the information.

Confidential information is defined as: contact information (phone number, e-mail address, etc.), health information and travel information (information about the flight, the point of departure and/or arrival, etc.).

Registration of Participants

Candidate registration is only possible after (1) the submission of the completed application form and (2) the payment of the registration fee in the name of the Participant.

An application form is a document containing information about the Candidate, required for the evaluation of the Candidate’s physical and mental conformity to the requirements of the Academy, as well as the Candidate’s readiness to participate in the Academy’s courses.

An entry form is subject to review by the administrator of the Academy. The Academy reserves the right to deny registration to any course without explanation. The Academy will endeavor to render a decision within 30 days at receipt of the application and reserves the right of refusal.

A Candidate’s registration is considered complete only after the application has been approved by the administrator of the Academy and the registration fee has been paid by the Candidate. The Candidate is considered a registered Participant of the course upon approval of the application form and remittance of the registration fee.

Applicants are advised to wait for the Academy’s response regarding the Candidate’s application status. In the event that a registration is denied, the Candidate may apply for another course offered by the Academy, that is more suitable to the individual’s physical and mental state, as well as their readiness to participate in such a course. The Candidate is informed of the Academy’s decision by e-mail.

Participation in a course which has been reserved with the required fee may be rescheduled to any other announced program, no later than four weeks prior to the starting date of the course. If the participation in the event is rescheduled by the Participant later than four weeks prior to the starting date of the course or for the second time in a row, the Academy reserves the right to retain the registration fee.

Payments & Refunds

All financial operations of the Academy are governed by Passer Indicus Ltd., S.A. (Registration No.: Microjacket 838810, Document: 2636016; Private Company Limited by Shares; 50th Street Plaza 2000, 10th Floor, Panama, Republic of Panama).

Registration fees and/or any further monies received by the Academy to cover the complete cost of participation in any of its programs will not be refunded.

If the Candidate has paid the registration fee before the approval or refusal of their registration, the fee is not refundable.
However, such fees may be accepted as a part payment for any other course offered at the Academy, where a Candidate prior application has been approved by the administrator of the Academy.

Accommodation for Participants

The Academy undertakes to accommodate the Participants on premises provided by the Academy, as long as the announced program includes accommodation costs or they are paid by the Participant separately.

The Participant reserves the right to refuse accommodation on the premises provided by the Academy. In such a case, the Academy shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, or incidental consequences, for any complication , injuries, side effects or possible unintended effects on one’s health, nor for any damage resulting from, or related to, the fact that participants reside outside the facilities offered by the Academy.

Unless prior arrangements have been made with the Academy’s Administrator, two Participants will be sharing a double room. A participant must notify the Academy prior to check-in, regarding roommate preference in the case of same gender roommate, and a week before check-in, for other gender roommate. The Participant agrees not to make claims about the Administrator’s choice of assigned accommodation, if the facilities provided do not pose a health threat or risk to the Participant.

Submission of application through this website confirms that you are fully aware of the information regarding accommodation provided by the Academy (please refer to the website) and you will not have any claims to the contrary.

Exclusion from Participation

The Academy reserves the right to exclude any individual from participation in the course if the Participant demonstrates socially unacceptable, immoral, unethical behaviour; incites conflict, hatred or enmity, an affront to human dignity on the basis of gender, race, nationality, language, origin, religion, or membership in a particular social group; demonstrates violence or threatens to use it.

Refusal to participate

The Participant has the right to refuse to participate in any course. In such a case, no refund of the fee will be allowed. If the Participant chooses to resume attendance in the course after their refusal, the Academy may authorize this change based on seat availability.

Limitation of liability

The Academy shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, or incidental negative consequences, for any complications, injuries, side effects or possible unintended effects on the health of the Participant, nor for any harm experienced by the Participant from, or in connection with, participation in the Academy’s program activities.

The Academy shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, or incidental negative consequences, for any complications, injuries, side effects or possible unintended effects on the health of the Participants arising as a result of, or in connection with, the use of information contained in the educational materials provided by the Academy.

Any damage, complications, injuries, side effects, unforeseen impacts on the health of the Participants or third parties, both direct and indirect or accidental, are considered the result of the actions of the Participants or third parties.

Liabilities of the Academy

The Academy is committed to: fully implement the content of the course, stated publicly on its official website, including the offering of practical and theoretical training according to the announced number of hours; to organize meals for Participants according to the schedule announced in the program, provided that the meals are included in the cost of participation or food cost was paid by the Participant separately; place Participants in the premises, announced on the official website of the Academy; provide all educational materials listed on the website and issue a certificate of completion of the program in accordance with the conditions of certification listed for each course.

Certification and use of certification credentials

Upon successful completion of the course, the Participant is considered Graduate and are assigned degree that corresponds to the event. Upon completion of the event, the Graduate are given Certificates of Completion or Certificate of Participation based on qualification criteria.

Graduates are certified by and only by Himalayan Yoga Academy. The Certificate is internationally valid; the Certificate does not require any further validation, verification or registration. Upon the Graduate’s own will, the Graduate can – but is not required to – register their Certificate of Completion in Yoga Alliance (U.S.A.) registry as a certified graduate of Himalayan Yoga Academy. Registry maintainers such as Yoga Alliance (U.S.A.) are neither authorized to attest professional qualification, nor do so.

Yoga Alliance (U.S.A.) and other organizations offering directory listings have no certifying authority and are not involved in educational and qualification assessment process in any way.

The Graduate’s Certificate of Completion is the result of qualification assessment process that is based on curriculum developed by Himalayan Yoga Academy implemented by trained staff teachers of Himalayan Yoga Academy. When referencing their respective Certificate, the Graduate is required to mention Himalayan Yoga Academy as the educational institution that certified the Graduate.


Educational materials provided to the Participants are subject to copyright and protected by Copyright legislation of the United States of America, India and the Russian Federation.

The Participant agrees not to use unlawfully and unfairly, any of the Academy’s Copyrighted material.

The Participant agrees not to give any of the Academy’s Copyrighted material to third parties.

In case of quotations, the Participant undertakes to limit quoted excerpts from the Academy’s educational material to 100 words accompanied by a mandatory reference to the author and the Academy.

The Participant confirms awareness of the fact that the rights of authors and associated rights holders are protected by international copyright law and the copyright laws of the United States of America, India and the Russian Federation, and their violation is punishable under the existing copyright law.

Reviews by graduates

Of all the yoga teacher training courses that I attended in my entire life, this one at the Himalaya Yoga Academy is the most impressive. Not only I left the course with a massive amount of new and useful knowledge, but having spent 5 weeks in a healthy supportive environment realized myself as a professional yoga instructor. Our teachers wholeheartedly taught us all that they knew and experienced. Although we rarely used a chair in a class, we felt this academic atmosphere all over. A true academy it was! My rating is 12 out of 10. Sign up now and think no more about any other yoga training program!

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